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Pro Wedding Photographer

Four Months Advance Module

Wedding photography is the most demanding form of Photography; weddings are 10 billion dollar industry where demand of skill photographers is very much visible. No matter if you are a complete amateur or a seasonal photographer, if you want to quick start your career in Wedding Photography; this is the most sought after course in INDIA. You would be given live practical sessions and workshops which are focused on wedding environment. You will do Pre wedding, Portrait & Posing shoot with Models so that you can perform in real wedding afterwards. You will be learning to edit your portfolio in Photoshop & Lightroom, & Submit for final certification. You can apply for an internship after this course in Wedding Industry.

This is a complete course in Wedding Photography, therefore, You would be able to Freelancing or Book a Complete Wedding Project Independently in Photography Domain.You are not only able to shoot your wedding Pictures but additionally can edit them so no dependency on other editors.

Course Structure
Foundation & Advance Concept of Photography
Framing & Composition
Secret of Candid Photography
Use of Speedlite (External Flash in Wedding)
One Candid Photography Workshop
One Pre Wedding Portfolio With Models
Retouching Wedding Pictures in Photoshop & Lightroom (Camera RAW)
Creating Albums in Photoshop

Detailed Course Content

  • What is Photography

  • Types of Digital Camera

  • Digital Camera understanding

  • Camera Components and concepts

  • Understanding Digital Image Sensor

  • Camera Parts and accessories

  • Right posture & techniques for photography

  • Kit lenses V/s Other Lenses

  • Dynamic Range

  • Native ISO/ Base ISO/Amplified ISO

  • Autofocus Points & Cross Type Autofocus Points

  • Pixel Area

  • Color Depth

  • Image Stabilisation

  • Exposure Triangle

  • Overexposure Vs Underexposure

  • What are Details in a Photograph

  • What is Bokeh : Synthetic & Gaussian

  • What are technical & Creative skills

  • Subject, Background & Foreground

  • What is Depth Of field

  • Deep depth of field

  • Shallow depth of field

  • Aperture

  • Autofocus, Manual Focus and Focal Length

  • Shutter Speed

  • ISO

  • Exposure

  • Different Sensor Sizes Comparisons

  • Angle of View & Image Plane

  • Image Plane

  • Crop Sensor V/s Fill Frame Sensor

  • How to select right camera for Job

  • DSLR Camera : Mirror V/s Mirrorless

  • Creative Fun Techniques

  • Motion Blur

  • Panning

  • Light Painting

  • Long Exposure Photography

  • HDR Photography

  • High Speed Photography

  • Camera Modes

  • Manual Mode

  • Aperture Priority

  • Shutter Priority

  • Program Mode

  • Non Creative Modes

  • Autofocus modes

  • One-Shot AF (Canon) / AF-S (Nikon)

  • AI Servo AF (Canon) / AF-C (Nikon

  • AI Focus AF (Canon) / AF-A (Nikon)

  • How to Install Lenses on Canon, Nikon & Sony

  • Lens Filters

  • UV & ND Filters

  • Lens Hood

  • Cameras Lenses and Selection Criteria

  • How to Read Lens Information

  • Cheat sheet to read any Camera Model & Lenses

  • Types of lenses

  • Prime Lenses

  • Wide Angle Lenses

  • Fish Eye Lens

  • Telephoto Lenses

  • Zoom Lenses

  • Telephoto Zoom Lenses

  • Macro Lenses

  • Creative perspective in weddings through lenses

  • Popular Lenses in Wedding As well Fashion Photogrpahy

  • Framing and Composition

  • Rules of third

  • Selective focus and depth of field

  • Background selection

  • Fill the frame

  • Leaving space

  • Dead Space

  • Active space

  • Head Space

  • Natural Frames

  • Leading lines

  • Tripod and accessories

  • Monopod

  • Lense adapters

  • Light Stand & umbrella bracket

  • Diffuser and Reflectors (see through Umbrellas and reflected surface)

  • Memory cards

  • Batteries & Charger

  • Card reader / HDD (usb 3.0)

  • DSLR Camera bag

  • Metering modes

  • Matrix or Zone Metering

  • Center Weighted Metering

  • Spot Metering

  • Partial Metering

  • Exposure Compensation

  • Exposure Bracketing

  • How to Read a Histogram

  • RGB Histogram

  • Highlights and Burn Out Highlights / Overexposure

  • Shadows & Underexposure

  • Midtones and Details

  • What is White Balance

  • Color Wheel Example

  • How to get Right Skin tones & Colors

  • Color Temperature

  • Warm V/s Cool Colors

  • How to Correct White balance

  • Choosing right White balance preset

  • Custom White balance

  • Adjustment of Kelvin Scale to get right white balance

  • What is Camera Raw File

  • RAW V/s JPEG

  • Speedlite in Weddings

  • Speedlite for different results

  • Manual V/s TTL Flashes

  • Functions of Speedlite

  • How to Plan a Pre Wedding Shoot

  • Working with Couples

  • Posing Techniques

  • Lighting Setups in Weddings

  • Retouching in Photoshop

  • Color Corrections in Lightroom or Camera Raw

  • Album Designing

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