Pro Wedding Cinematographer

Four Months Cinematography Advance Module

The trend of Cinematic Wedding Videos is highly popular and there is a lot of demand of skill cinematographers who can conceptualize and create stories in Weddings. This course is suitable for both beginners and seasonal photographers who wish to upgrade their skills and wish to kick start their career in Wedding Cinematography. Not only you will be taught technical rules of cinematography but you would also be given workshop in Manual & Electronic Gimbals, Sliders and other form of equipment for practical training. You will be learning to edit your videos in Adobe Premiere Pro, & Submit for final certification. You can apply for an internship after this course in Wedding Industry.

This is a complete course in Wedding Photography, therefore, You would be able to Freelancing or Book a Complete Wedding Project Independently in Cinematography Domain. You are not only able to shoot your wedding Videos but additionally can edit them so no dependency on other editors.

Course Structure
Basics of DSLR Camera
Fundamentals of DSLR Video
Cinematography Basics and Shots compositions
Essential Gears for Pro Wedding Cinematography
Practical Workshop on Sliders, Gimbals & Monopod
Lighting For Cinematic Video
Pre Wedding Video Project
Editing Cinematic Video Adobe Premiere Pro

Detailed Course Content

DSLR for Videos

  1. Introduction to DSLR camera and their contribution to weddings cinematography

  2. How to select right camera for your event

  3. Traditional Video camera VS DSLR

  4. Limitations of DSLR

  5. Advantage of DSLR for video over other camera

  6. What is a truly Cinematic look for wedding videos

  7. Workflow of creating stunning Cinematic Wedding videos

  8. Best video setting for wedding videos

Cinematography Basics and Shots compositions

  1. Capturing Emotions and story!

  2. Rule of Thirds

  3. 180 degree rule

  4. Mid, Wide, Long, close, OS shot types

  5. Significance of different types of shots.

  6. How to decide the composition for videos ?

  7. Depth of field and its application

Essential Gears for Pro Wedding Cinematography

  1. How to bring cinematic motion in your shots?

  2. Stabilization through Tripod and Monopod

  3. Adding beautiful motion by Sliders & Steadicam

  4. Tips and Tricks of bringing motion by Tripod and Monopod

  5. How to focus while moving the camera?

  6. Taking fast shooting decisions in sudden situations

  7. Find right spot to start capturing Videos

  8. How to capture keeping “edit” in Mind

  9. Developing the perspective

Lighting For Cinematic Video

  1. How to take advantage of ambient light in Weddings

  2. How to prepare for a darker area and camera settings

  3. Use and selection of right Video Lights

  4. Use of LED lights for Pro video

  5. Make sure what to capture

Editing Cinematic Video – Work flow – Module one

  1. Tips on data management

  2. Technical aspects of different memory cards

  3. Hard disks and data transfer

  4. Onsite editing

  5. How to start a new project in Adobe Premiere pro

  6. Directory structure

  7. Setting the time line

  8. Importing all relevant data

  9. Introduction to editing panel

  10. Working with Video Files

  11. Editing tools in Adobe Premiere pro

Editing Cinematic Video – Work flow – Module Two

  1. Adding the background score

  2. How to edit slow motion, fast motion and Jump cuts

  3. Essential Video Effects for the cinematic look

  4. Learning the Video transition

  5. Learning the Sound effects and Transitions

  6. Importing pictures from Adobe Photoshop

  7. Making stunning titles for presentation

  8. Integration with Photoshop to build splendid Titles.

  9. Editing Videos via Keyframes

  10. Color correction

  11. Exporting final video with best settings

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