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How to figure out that you are not fit for wedding photography career!

We have been asked by numerous aspiring students about the following basic queries like

Q1. Is wedding photography is a good career option?
A1. Yes.
Q2. Do we get creative satisfaction?
A2. Yes.
Q3. How early I can start earning?
A3. Immediately.
Oh that’s great! But this is not the end of the story.

Of course wedding photography and cinematography had given many a chance not only to earn a living but also creating a brand for themselves and come in the league of star photographers where perks are not only fat cheques but more exclusive add-on, like destinations traveling and roaming around all over the world.

But the journey from amateur to star wedding photographer is a curvy road , therefore, The wedding film school team has prepared a list of important traits before you make your mind to be a part of  fast paced growing business and below are the seven amazing indicators to know about you being a fit or misfit in wedding photography business.


  1. If you are shy, client will say bye

In wedding, you are supposed to interact a lot to make couple and people around you happy & comfortable so that you can capture those beautiful emotions. Couples are not actors, so making them act in a certain way is difficult if you are too shy and don’t open up easily. All you have to do is make your groom behave like salman khan and your bride like Katrina kaif. The difference is here they are getting married in real


  1. Never forget that you are not a guest!

This is seriously dangerous and there is no ways to get heal of that feeling. We mean, you are surrounded by gorgeous people and mouth watering dishes but you just need to focus on not to miss any moment. Wedding photography is not less precise than wild life photography, the moment gone is gone for always, and, you surely not wanted to regret later. Sometimes, you need to delay your food to capture something amazing but later you can pamper yourself, having a treat with team when you get that bloody fat cheque.


  1. If you are egoistic then forget DSLR, just don’t do it.

Don’t confuse this with attitude. You got many gentle people who will cooperate with you all the times but marriages have trouble makers also and they are the people who are keep pulling you in every minute and would insist , “ Meri ek photo kheech de” like they are shahrukh khan and this picture is going to be publish in tomorrow’s times of india front page. But boy, just take a deep breath and there is nothing wrong to just press your shutter one more time and give them an appreciation like “Awesome Paji”. In case, you get pissed off easily, then, think of some other career option, not wedding photography. The easiest solution is keeping an additional trainee photographer for just catering these random picture requests! Sounds cool now!


  1. Don’t even try if you are not an organized person

From keeping extra memory cards to batteries, lenses and lights, you have to be ready like an army soldier. Trust us, ask anyone who is in the business from last few years and you would not be surprised to see that how organized all successful wedding photographers are! In case (majorly), you are working for someone else or hiring the equipments, it is your responsibility to keep them at safe place. Losing any one may cost you from 26k (like Canon EF 50 mm f/1.4) to 1.5 k (like Canon EF 24 – 70 mm f/2.8L).


  1. If you are not trained, don’t risk it.

You can be a self-learner or properly trained by professionals. But don’t risk anyone’s marriage just to sharpen your skills as it may cost you a big setback and the client wouldn’t pay you. See marriages are precious and there is a lot of money on the stake. No professional would hire you and getting initial assignments are challenging if you are not been groomed properly. Therefore, we advise you to get some practical exposure first, and when you become pro, you can actually charge premium on your work.


  1. Wedding photography is a lot of hard work.

Of course, it is rewarding, but it takes a lot of commitment to be a best then just being an average wedding photographer. You need to carry lots of lenses and accessories and this can be tiring on some occasions. You may be shooting late and that’s need stamina to stands tall & mental working. But you will find yourself earn so much in a season that if you are free for 6 months , still that’s like a paid holiday. So make your choice very clear.


  1. If you hate learning and updating, you are again in trouble.

Canon 5d Mk iii was everyone’s choice before Sony 7s & 7s ii made their entry into the market and they both are different cameras with different powers. Many traditional and established photographers find it too humiliating to accept this new baby but some made this move earliest and they really made a fortune out of it. Post production is also a big responsibility as you will find no single image and video which are not being proceeds in software like FCO, Adobe premiere pro, after effects, Photoshop and Lightroom, learning their work flow are absolute must, because there is a fair chance that you would not have big team in the beginning and outsourcing post may hurt your profits. But once you learn a software or new equipment, trust us; migration is not that tough to other superior products.

We hope you would consider the above points and use them in favor of your advantages and we would love to hear some stories where you have encountered these issues and overcome them with your sheer hard work and knowledge. You can additionally send us a mail to our team at to write a guest blog with you experience. We would love to publish best of the write ups with important credit to your work.

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