5 Doubts before selecting Photography Course for your Career You Should Clarify !


You have probably bought a new DSLR camera or Find your Passion or You have take a New Year Resolution to Lean Photography as an Additional Skill or hobby or may be New Career. Let’s be honest, the first thing comes in mind to explore, how could you master the basic and advance skills?

Now, you search on Google about “Photography course” and boom, you find a tons of institute who have been showing you various short term and long term courses, Some even have diploma and then degree , Duration from 2 days to 3 years. Now it becomes entirely a different battle to select the best among all to suit your needs and aspiration.


Therefore We Pen Down Five most important selection criteria before you Join Any Photography Institute. Without further ado, let’s start.


The Wedding Film School Delhi Photography Course Social Media

  1. Check their Social Media Presence “Facebook Page” !

Yes. The social Media is the best way to judge the credential of your faculty & students. You would come to know about the activities in their premises. Images are the best way to understand the strength and exclusiveness of any institute and if a Photography School is not very active or presentable on Social Media, then you can understand the lack of action happening on real ground also. Reading Reviews and contacting old students can also give you good insights.

Advance Photogrpahy Studio Diploma Delhi NCR

  1. Photography Equipments & Studio

Almost everyone invest in marketing, Infra to lure the students but not all, Invest in Latest Equipments & Advance Studio. You should check their Indoor & Outdoor Studio Space. The technology is changing very fast and exposure to latest trends and tools are non negotiable, so If they don’t have the advance stuff m then no matter how luxurious is the space, you would be trained on old Equipment and studio which will be outdated. The Camera Models, Lenses, Lights and Type of Studio (Manual or Pantograph based) are important things to consider before making your mind, therefore a personal visit is must before Joining.


Deepak Mahajan DD national

  1. About The Faculty

You should check the recent work done by the faculty who is going to teach your batch so that you have enough credentials of the teacher before you surrender yourself for the creative grooming. Try to check his or her page on Instagram and Facebook, Google his name so that you know his achievements organically. If you would find a Founder himself taking classes then that’s a best deal as he will be teaching in the best interest of his brand name, unlike other place where people get paid and go home.


fashion photography course delhi


  1. Theory V/s Market Ready Practical Content

Some faculties are great when it comes to explain the Theory part but many find difficulties to explain the concepts like White Balance, Metering or Bracketing. We would urge you to check the Exposure level and Market readiness of the course content, because if you are not able to execute the projects independently, then, there is no use to run a Year Course where you have invested lot of money and time as well. Ask them if they would let you experience the Live Projects and Portfolios with Models so that you can experience a Commercial Market Ready project exposure and know the actual delivery methods and Client Requirements.



  1. Don’t get fooled by Guaranteed Placement Fuss

This is something where you need to be very careful about the wrong commitment and actual job offer. If anyone committing a Job Guarantee, then ask them about the employers, Job Type, Expected Salary and Status as “Permanent or temporary “ .  Photography is a work or ART and all that matters are your Images & Portfolios, if they are great, there is no dearth of work in the current market. We recommend you to master your skills and slowly start building your profile online by showcasing your portfolios. These days a better organized Instagram page is all you need to get your first assignment.

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